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1928 Dodge Brothers Brake Cables Wanted

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Hi folks, I posted this in the Bodge Brothers Forum but thought I would try here too. Incase someone has any ideas.

I am in need of 4 quantity brake cables for mechanical brakes on a 1928 Dodge Brothers Standard Six. If anyone has any ideas on a source, please let me know.  Pic of cables here.

Thanks, Keith



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Hi Keith, What a surprize. I have 1928 Dodge Senior and it has hydraulic brakes.  I thought  all 1928 Dodges had hydraulic brakes. In my working days for a large trucking company there was a local  outfit used to custom make replacement cables for hand brakes and gas . I think the name was Cisco, not quite sure. Go on Google. Left to me I would replace with Hydraulics. Think about it. My assembly was made by Lock heed at factory. also a 1928 Senior donor is a good bet. A 1929 hydraulic system is easier  match. There are great dodge brothers members who are ready to give you good advice modifying your brakes. May have to do a little fabrication. Keiser31 is a source of inspiration  



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