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How do I Repair Oil Pressure Regulator for 1930 Hupmobile Model H?

Cord Blomquist

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Here is the oil pressure regulator from my 1930 Hupmobile H motor. The smaller spring seems to be far too stiff and is consequently allowing the oil pressure to rise too high.

Where can I order a replacement spring? Does someone supply a variety so we can find the spring with the right tension?

Is there anything else you know of that might affect a regulator like this? The larger spring? The slide mechanism?





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The nut and threads suggest to me that this is an adjustable pressure relief valve.  I'm no expert on later Hupps, just an old retired Engrinear.  


My second thought is that the threaded rod is broken, and that the piece you show to the far left in the photo should be the same shaft as the threaded piece to the far right.  Does it show a fracture?  If so that's your problem.


That shaft being all one piece would give you adjustment capability.


Good pictures, just hard to diagnose long distance.

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