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Packard Collector Liquidating 20 Parts Cars plus loose parts

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A friend of mine is selling a lifetime collection.  It's mostly Packards but there are other marques also, Thought you might be interested. See his email below.
I am selling my vintage cars and “parts” cars.
   I am now 85 years old and it is time for me to get rid of some of my “stuff.”
I have  many complete  antique cars and about 40 or more incomplete “parts cars”.  
I also have  literally thousands of  antique cars parts, mostly Packards from 1937 (Sr & Jr ).to 1956 but many others cars
I have  the following:
At least 25 PACKARDS, both complete and parts cars 1937 through 1956,  1953 CARIBBEAN CONVERTIBLE Ambulance, Hearses, Hard Tops, Coupe’s, Sedans.  
a “yard drives” 1956 Packard Sedan with a running ‘56 Packard V8, Ultramatic, AC, Torsion bar suspension, PS,PB  
BUICKS: mostly 1955’s
STUDERBAKERS: 1950’s Starlite Coupe’s, Land Cruiser, Commander Sedan, one 1957 Silver Hawk 
HUDSONS: 1946 through 1953 Hornets, Wasp, Commodore, Super two door and four door complete cars and many parts cars and parts
Two running “yard drives” American Motors Sedans,
some FORD-LINCOLNS, 1946 Continental V 12 Coupe’,-1970 Mercury Marauder X-100, Ford Granada, one 1980 Town Car Lincoln Sedan, one 1947 Lincoln Continental Coupe’ Street Rod
DODGES, (two) one wrecker truck and one Explorer Van
FIAT  Roaster,
four VOLVOS and lots of Volvo Sales Brochures and manuals),
About 20 VW Cabriolets and Sedans,
one Electric “Commuter” Car manufactured in Florida..not running.
Many ENGINES some complete and running in cars Packard, Dodge, Chevrolet, Buicks, air cooled Volks
I also have two Chevrolet ton trucks and a running “yard drives” Dodge wrecker truck. 
I have lots of PARTS for all of these cars: engines Transmission auto and overdrive and automatic for Packard, Dodge, Chevrolet, VW,   hubcaps, bumpers, wheels, radiators, horns, steering wheels, dash boards with instruments, glass, “chrome” trim, running boards, fenders plain and with side mounts, seats, hood , ornaments, headlights, tail lights, door handles, and window cranks. 
I also have complete turning and non-turning engines transmission, front and rear axels/suspensions, frames, bodies from Renault convertibles to Packard Ambulance to Hearses.
I don’t go to swap meets any more so here is your chance to pick up parts without excursion/driving to Hershey Pa. or walking endlessly at Pate. These are parts I bought at Hersey/Pate years ago.  I am intending to sell all of the “stuff” including car parts, engines, antique cars, etc.
Cars and Parts are in a 5,000 square foot barn, under 6,800 square feet of carport, in a large 18 wheeler trainer,  and out In a couple of  acres of field and trees
I have been collecting this collection since my first car ( a 1932 Light Eight Rumble Seat Packard Roadster) and
I prefer to put all this stuff in the hands of real antique car people NOT necessarily to the “Rat Rod”/”Street Rod” Types
  If you need anything, let me know.   Wendall Spreadury -  Cell 936-552-1658                Home 936-564-0620,                   spreadbury@suddenlink.net
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