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Sad News - Reno Best of Show - 63 Riviera


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I was informed a week ago the beautiful 63 Riviera owned by Steve Read that won Best of Show at the Reno NV meet earlier this year was destroyed by the fires in Santa Rosa CA. I have also heard many other residents classic cars were destroyed as well.

We all know material items aren't the most important when it comes to disasters but certainly we can sympathize with the loss of a beautiful car where so much owner & family sweat equity was put into it. Fortunately Steve was able to get the car to the Reno meet for all attendees to see and for the opportunity to win Best of Show.

The second pic was taken of Steve and sons just before they left Reno for the trip home.




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very very sad.  One thinks if a car like this survived all of these years in pristine condition, it deserves not to be hurt in its old life.  Would have been better if a brand new 150 thousand dollar Porsche burned to the ground instead.  Easily replaced

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17 hours ago, Seafoam65 said:

               This is very sad news...........Jason, am I to assume that Steve lost his home in the fires as well?

I am not 100% sure Winston. Since his home address was Santa Rosa it seems likely.



Here is a related article



Not a pretty sight



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It is very sad that a beautiful Riviera gets destroyed one that would be extremely difficult to replace almost impossible in that condition and what about the history and families attachment?  I have several Rvieras in my garage and never think that something like that would ever destroy them .... Paul

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A terrible loss of a fine Riviera!


Unfortunately, these things happen.  A local collector here lost 37 cars in a fire that consumed his storage facility.  He spent a lifetime putting together his collection, and they were all gone in one night.


We need to enjoy our cars - you never know when it might be the last ride!



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