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Identifying Automobiles on Postcards

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Good Morning, Automobile Researchers!


Can you help The Virtual Steam Car Museum identify these internal combustion cars illustrated on these postcards?


They are all posed in the huge tree at Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC.


Thank you very much!


Don Hoke

The Virtual Steam Car Museum, Inc.















cars_20__elmer_and_evelyn_saunders on honeymoon_front.tif

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It's interesting to note that the Model Ts are right hand drive - Canadian models  built for Ontario or British Columbia. 


According to the B.C. registration archive data available on www.bcpl8s.ca:

Plate # 3071 was registered to Teresa ??????? in 1914.  It was later sold to Violet Anderson.  A ladies car, I guess.

Plate # 6517 was registered to Frank Gower, who lived about a half mile from my current home in Burnaby.  He appears to have sold it to G.W. Jamieson at the end of 1914.


The honeymooners are from California and are driving a 4 or 5 year old Model A Ford.  That's a pretty good drive but they seem to be happy to be here.


Great pictures!!



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Yes, in B.C. we drove on the left side until 1921, long after most North American cars had switched to left hand drive.   And just to complicate things, they delayed the changeover in Vancouver, the largest city in B.C., until Jan 1, 1922, because of the changes need to streetcars and tracks.  


Imagine the chaos that would result today if it was decreed that as of Jan. 1 next year everyone must switch to drive on  "the wrong side" of the road.   There's an interesting article about the 1921-22 change here:  http://www.vancouversun.com/life/week+history+switching+from+left+right+thing/11625241/story.html


Peter  (photo from the Vancouver sun article)


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Hi Don,

It looks like you've gotten some great responses so far. I sent you a message in case you would like to put your membership research time toward having us check these against our books/literature. Just give us a holler!


Best Regards,

Matt Hocker

Assistant Librarian

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