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Carolina Roadmasters: Collect all 4

38Buick 80C

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I decided to leave the dash untouched today as I had only a half day to play.


I focused on engine and running boards.


I am thinking the manifolds may never have been off the head and the exhaust may also be as it came from the factory. Yesterday I had removed the generator, fan and pulley Today I started with the carb with an interesting find when I took that off. Note the heat riser off the center exhaust manifold. I haven't seen one of those before and the repro's don't come with them. The choke has a riser that fits over top of this tub.





here are some photos prior to disassembly of the manifold









of course the center section is cracked



I surprisingly was able to get the manifold hardware off fairly easily and didn't break a singles stud myself (but did find one already broken). For all of them the stud came out of the block. I did break the studs from the center section holding the heat riser valve and haven't got the riser section free from the exhaust pipe. 




on the other side I got the distributor and starter out and got all the misc wires and things off the firewall.






I don't think the drivers side splash plans have ever been off the car and I clean up one that had some original paint under the undercoating. Looks like semi-gloss black to me.





Finally, I got the running boards and mounting brackets off as well.




That's it for this weekend, but I bought a nut splitter so hoping to use that for the exhaust pipe and the steering column to dash bolt/nut next weekend.



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What is the model number of the nut splitter and where did you get it? I will eventually need to do that exact same job. I changed the exhaust manifold gaskets and installed a block off plate between the intake and exhaust manifold on my 1937 80C, but did not remove the exhaust pipe bolts since they did not want to come apart. 

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8 hours ago, MCHinson said:

What is the model number of the nut splitter and where did you get it? I will eventually need to do that exact same job. I changed the exhaust manifold gaskets and installed a block off plate between the intake and exhaust manifold on my 1937 80C, but did not remove the exhaust pipe bolts since they did not want to come apart. 





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20 hours ago, 38Buick 80C said:

I had to try my new toy... in dress clothes no less...I got yelled at... it was worth it...


That's a @GaryW move right there. 😄  Your thread was already reminding me of his.  I think the photo of Gary hanging a door while dressed in his tuxedo set a record for views!

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Well I got a late start this weekend 4PM today is all due to Charlotte Autofair yesterday and boys soccer today. I kept using my new favorite tool... the nut splitter. This car has so much undercoating it is making some removal difficult.


But got the two fender supports off finally splitting the nut at the far end of the fender on each cause everything was just spinning.





I also split the nut on the dash for the steering column and then had to grind off 3 more screws but got the dash out



then got the rest of the bits off the dash and there is some nice original wood grain to match




I pulled the wiring harness out and the instrument cluster too along with the front seat and all the carpet in the front compartment. unfortunately I found more rust in the floor boards, rust I didn't previously know about.




seat out




and a quick overall of the days progress on the front passenger compartment.



A few interesting tidbits I documented for authenticity purposes


First is the jute mat type material on the one fender against the chassis



next is what appears to be black paint (original black paint) instead of the Gainsborough Blue paint on the underside of the hood. Which I know Seybold always does the underside of his hoods for cars this era in a satin black.



finally another piece of some mat type material on the radio grill for anti-rattle purposes I am sure.



I'm hoping to get the fenders and the hood out to the sand blaster (and more so out of my garage as I am running out of room) and then I'd like to get the radiator out to the shop to be re-cored and again to make some space and finally I want to take some pieces to the powder coating shop to be done as well (and to make some space). Hopefully this week I can do that. If I can make a little more room I will have some space to put the motor on the stand when I pull it.


I did receive my spare set of rods back from Terrill Machine where I had them converted to accept insert bearings in lieu of babbitting.


Aside from one door handle and some door catches I am ready with everything to go to Hershey at least. The door catches I hadn't really planned on having ready for Hershey, but the locking door handle I did. The set screw is yet to come out.


Next weekend I don't know how much time I will get to play, but I plan to work on more removal of items from the cowl back. i.e. wiper towers, door glass, etc., etc.



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You are making quick work of that car!


The underside of the hood was satin black in 1957 and 58 as well, so I'm guessing all the years in between.  That's how the sheetmetal was finished after stamping and then just wasn't painted body color underneath.

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Fenders and hood leaves went to the media blaster Monday


A few test prices went to the powder coating place, getting them done in "matte black" which was a seemingly good match to semi-gloss black.


Radiator also out on Tuesday.


Today I've made very slow progress.


Wiper towers and cowl vent out. IMG_20210918_130923.jpg.75b78453ab71d2fab893566e887e9c39.jpg


Glass is out of both front doors too.


I've literally been beating the screws out however to get the misc door and window hardware out of the door.


I'm using an impact driver I bought



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When it doesn't work the tourch seems to loosen things more. But the door handle set screw for the passanger side keyed handle proved an issue. It had to be drilled out. I'm afraid I may have messed up the screw thing in the latch mechanism. What am awfel design. I also wallowed out the hole in the door handle. It will need to be rechromed so I will ask them to weld it up and redrill it.IMG_20210918_131030.jpg.8bd8424cea853cae7e7cf52544cb2220.jpgIMG_20210918_131042.jpg.36db3bf2731969fa5e41cc3c779a7249.jpg

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Tough sledding... I'm calling it a day.


I got the firewall pad off, with help from my oldest


also the parking brake is out as is the electric wiper motor someone had installed.


I played around with removing some of the headliner just to make some progress on something not sure what that material is on the roof an whether it is factory original. Looks like some sort of sound deadening but doesn't look 85 years old.




I did find something interesting on the side of the front seat. Original 85 year old fabric that had been covered over

. image000000.jpg.95031a68e7e7b52207d60d51ec5be3a3.jpgimage000001.jpg.e632362c3280b59f0dc8834356135f1c.jpgimage000004.jpg.d254b00203403c75aea5ccf5d80150c7.jpg


I also got the stainless windshield surround off the car, that wasn't fun. I hope it cleans up OK, I chromed the one on the 80C and putting it on the car wasn't fun as some of the chrome cracked.




Finally and the reason for waving the white flag for the day. The bolts/screws for the trans cover, pedal surround and the accelerator pedal base are all apparently going to take the brute force method to come loose. I know the motor has never been out of the car, but I guess the trans hasn't been either. My muscles are already aching from all the door screws that took the brute from impact driver method... It was tough sledding today. and the screws are below are such a pain, can get no leverage on them


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Picked up the few test pieces that I had powder coated. I am pleased. Some rust putting is visible, but they got off all the undercoating and I feel like they got the semi-gloss finish perfect.


Well worth the spend. Will give them a few more pieces at a time so I don't lose any. 


Little before and after so to speak with the other running board brackets yet to be done next to the completed ones for comparison.


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10 hours ago, Dave Gelinas (XP-300) said:


Who are you going to use for the interior now that La Baron Bonney is gone?


Well in fact nothing has changed as they didn't have interiors for my RM anyway. So I will likely get the fabric from Bill Hirsch, maybe SMS. And then have the upholstery done locally by my usual guy who did the 80C and some of the '30.

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1 hour ago, JohnD1956 said:

That fan blade arrangement looks so unbalanced. Seems like it would lead to a lot of engine rocking on the mounts.  


The blade by itself is double thick, too. Looks weird but seems to work well. I have the same fan on my '41 and it seems to move plenty of air without any issues.

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