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Valve Shrouds for Wisconsin engines

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Hello People,

Back this past spring my students reverse engineered the valve shrouds used on many Wisconsin T-head engines including the four cylinder model "A" (4-3/4"x5-1/2") used by Stutz, FWD and others.

We also created a set of pattern and core boxes as well as shop drawings. If you are missing some or all or just want a set please PM me.


Please note that these are "as cast" and will require machining and finishing. The shop drawings also includes info for the spring clips that retain the two halves together.


These will also fit a number of Wisconsin T-head engines including the models A, G, J & L as well as the marine variants: AM, GM, JM & LM


Best regards,

Terry Harper





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Aren't the Stutz and FWD units different? They have different lifter diameter and therefore neck down differently. Also late units for FWD were stamped of sheetmetal.

Are you making the spring steel clamps that hold the 2 halves together?

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Hello Layden,


I could be wrong but they should be same since they are both 4-3/4" bore x 5-1/2" stroke which matches exactly the type 'A' Wisconsin engines. The only other 4 cylinder Wisconsin engines of the era

are the 'Q', 'C' and 'B' which all have 5 inch stokes but have varying bores from 3-1/4" to 4-1/4"


We made these for a collectors 1918 FWD using a surviving one as a go-by.


I don't know about sheet metal shrouds. I know the later post 1920(?) "M" and "P" series (though different in a number of other ways) has much larger dia. lifter guides though they

still used cast aluminum.


I have made the spring clips in the past - its not that hard. The shop drawings includes the dimensions etc.


Below is a photo of the bending jig I made-up. I had another tool I made to mount in the check of the lath so I could bend the loops in the ends manually turning the chuck.

Note that the shrouds shown are for the later 'PT' series 6 cylinder Wisconsin (5-3/4"x7") and are 100_4458.thumb.JPG.3e91da0afa055974f4fb6e63fbe4698d.JPG100_4451.thumb.JPG.4f8f70ccd0881c81704636cd2fcf73b9.JPGquite different in size and design.


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