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Two piece driveshaft

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My 1932 902 has a two piece driveshaft. 

Does anyone have any experience rebuilding the center carrier or know of someone who has and can do the job? 

The bearings seem worn with plenty of slop, but more importantly the rubber vibration insulating section is all boogered up from age.  I don't know how to replace that. The driveshaft runs OK, but there is vibration presumably coming from that center carrier. 

Thanks --


Troy, NY

1932 Packard 902 5--p Coupe

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1. Driveline Inc. on Lane Ave in Jacksonville, FL built a new driveshaft from scratch for my 27 343. A family business for decades. I recommend them.

2. If you want to investigate an antique in Cropseyville that my great grandfather owned, drop me an email. Steve

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