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Are there enough T owners out there that would be interested in knowing where their car would have been sold when new?

If enough interest, would someone then be willing to take on the task of sorting out and listing the information - such as motor numbers and delivered prices - contained in records that came out of several old Ford Dealerships? These records I would gladly furnish free of charge.

I have had most of these for about 40 years, after finding them in Dealers' attics; but I am "cleaning house", and hate to throw them away if I can find a good home for them.

These records ARE NOT THE BRANCH OFFICE OR DEARBORN FACTORY NEW CAR SHIPPING INVOICES,  but are simply that what was recorded by the Dealer at the time of sale. Some used the Ford-designated "New Car Order" forms, while others recorded the information on their Register Receipts or other paper. I would also include records listing the USED Model T's sold where the dealer had listed the motor number, The NEW-CAR records cover the years of 1922-27. I would guess there are over 100 pieces of paper involved.

Let me know if anyone is interested in following through on this project.

Contact :  blincoln   at


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Yes, I'd be interested in cataloging them (and also have a 1924 T).  I'll send you an email.

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