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A. Woolf

Is This a Motorcycle Wheel?

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I was told this is a motorcycle wheel but have so far been unable to identify it.  It is 20 inches in diameter and looks like if probably takes a 19 inch tire.  The rim is beaded edge.  The ID of the the hub is approximately 2-1/2 inches diameter.  One side of the hub has an internal spline.  There are 40 spokes.


If anyone can help identify it I would appreciate it.







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Re Posted on AMCA forum. Had one response that it’s a Harley Davidson V model 1930-1936.


Another reply

That looks like a short spline VL hub to me but I could be wrong. If it is short then it would be 30-32 or33 and if it is long it would be 34-36. Need to see or measure the length of the splines to be sure but for sure VL.

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