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Show me your Foliage!

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29 minutes ago, alsancle said:


Not Amish.   Right next door to you.  Post and Beam delivered right to your site.  Easily big enough for 3 cars with lots of extra room.




AJ is shopping! 

Please do me a favor and build something about 10 times bigger than what’s in those photos. I’m gonna need the storage space....... Way I figure it since all my stuff runs, I can leave it in your building and you won’t want to complain!

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Those look great but with today's new energy standards that you must meet if they "Know" you are going to be heating it,  you will only see the main beams.  Everything else will need a serious amount of insulation.  Those do look great though.  I bet they cost almost as much as what I have in mine,  but there is alot of sweat equity in mine. 

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Bigger is always better if you can do it.  We had a wooded kind of hollow with a couple foot drop off driveway where our shed is now.  Off to the right, not in the pic is more woods and, despite it being dry, a small are of wetlands.  Well, if we add more it will more likely be going from 2 to 3 car on the house, and going up which my wife would like to do.  We keep kicking that around as this area is a nice balance between more rural and proximity to work, family. Etc.

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In our immediate area the trees haven't changed much but did find a little color along my drive for this picture today. My Crosley FarmOroad didn't make it off the property this year, everything canceled, so I put on the dual wheels and used it as my work vehicle around the property. Temporarily mounted an 8 gallon spray tank in the back so I could spray weeds along my 1200 foot drive and around a part of the property that I had terraformed this Summer to beat back some Kudzu. Now I have to cut and spray that area regularly to keep it away. Lot easier riding along at a walking speed instead of walking. FOR also got duty just hauling things and me around the property. Figured it was better to get some hours on it that just let it sit till next Summer. Just remember I did get it off the property, I drove next door to where my new neighbor is building a house, while I had it out today. 


Yes it is a licensed car/truck, without the duals it can cruise along at 50mph, but that isn't really fast enough on most of the roads around our house.



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On 10/10/2020 at 8:32 AM, John_S_in_Penna said:

To add to Alsancle's data:  Mount Washington

is windy.  There's often a stiff wind when the

weather is tranquil down below.  It holds the record

for the highest wind speed ever recorded on the

surface of the earth:  231 miles per hour, much 

stronger than the most extreme hurricane.


In fact, even this coming week (according to a weather

website), the forecasted wind speeds are typically

50 to 65 m.p.h. each day!


   We went to Bretton Woods NH for the 1998 Glidden Tour and wanted to climb Mt. Washington

   with our 1934 Ford Tudor V8.  On arrival on Saturday the weather was perfect, but visiting with

   old friends took priority and we though we'd go another day.   Mistake!  The weather up

   there was awful the rest of the week.  We understand it's awful up there most days and we didn't         make the same mistake at Pikes Peak.  Maybe next time the Glidden us up there?

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