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Cont'ls "Even-Hundred--Number Engines 1920s/30s???

Bud Tierney

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Cont'l began, like other engine builders, with letter designations  (G, K, L), which morphed into letter-numbers (L4. K4) and into 6M, 15T etc...

There were also a very few "even hundred number" engines that did not follow the usual designation of the period and only rarely show up in my parts catalogs---

A400---a 23/4 bore 4, when listed often listed together with the Y400, also a 23/4 bore 4---appears to have several power unit versions...

C400 and C600---these apparently built for their car venture, they were used in a few other vehicles...Just to confuse parts people, the C600 designation of the  3" bore  6cyl used in the cars  was also used for a heavy industrial  C600 4cyl of 51/4 bore...


E600/601 etc seem to've been regular production engines, not part of this "even-hundred-number" question

F400---some will say doesn't exist, that it's slang/shorthand for any of the F 4s and 6s, but a few do show upwith the "F400" tag......

H400/HD401 etc  seem to be heavy Ind'l  4s of 63/4 bore, probably related to the H 4cyl series that range from 21/2 bore up to the 63/4, and probably not a part of this question....

K600---shows up in a few late 40s Diamond Ts...

R800---possibly built for Reo, used in their 8-21 and 8-25 models, and so identified in a couple of my catalogs, alto more list it as Reos "own" engine...

S800---another 8; there's also an S805



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