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12 hours ago, Micmac said:

I am looking for inside window trim for my 47 pickup.  Also radio and ashtray.


anyleads welcome.



I would PM Xander as he isn't on here as frequently as he used to be. I bought a bunch of bits for my 47 Big Boy from him and was very pleased with them all. 

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I am new to the site and working on a 47 pickup.


I am looking for all the interior window trim and ashtray as well as any items for adding front fender turn signals.  Any help is much appreciated. Anything from a car could also be adapted.


thanks for any leads.

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Fender lights are darn near impossible to find.  If you find a set they are going to be expensive,  most likely over $1000 if they have good chrome.  I unfortunately don't have much in the way fo spare parts.  I found many odds and ends on ebay when I was looking,  though Xander had the best stuff. 

4 door sedan garnish should fit your truck for the doors.

To PM Xander,  just hover the cursor over his name on the ID to the left and a little box will open up with the option to send a message. 

Good luck.

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Micmac, for your own benefit you should start a new topic, under the "Hudson Essex Terraplane" category, devoted to your need for parts.  Instead, you have attached your message to a year-old discussion about parts for sale by someone else.  I am afraid your message won't be seen by many.


In addition to posting your needs here at the AACA forum, you might also want to post a message at the Hudson Open Forum, which attracts a large audience of Hudson folks.  https://forum.hetclub.org/

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