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Brakes--from bands to shoes on Chrysler products

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Does anyone know when Chrysler products--Chyrslers, Plymouths, Dodges, and DeSotos--switched from externally contracting bands to internally expanding shoes on their drum brakes?  Langworth & Norbye (1985) The Complete History of Chrysler... say Chryslers went to shoes in 1929, but do not mention whether that was true across the board for other Chrysler products.  Thanks

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All the early Plymouths going back to 1928 had internally expanding shoes on their drum brakes.


Not sure when Chrysler changed, but I was under the impression that they only had the externally contracting bands for the first year or two. I would be surprised to find they used that after 1926 or 1927. I am sure someone more familiar with Chrysler will chime in though to give you the correct information on that.

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