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What Model of Motor is this ?

Mark Gregory

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This is all the information I have on this posting . There is two opinions from two Reo Experts of the Model been either a 1932 - 6 25     or a 1931  -   1932 -  6 - 21

The picture is toward the end of the post . I am interested in the Wooden wheels for another Reo Member .

Can anyone tell the tire size   6.00 - 18 inch ? Tires



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Bleach, c'mon now, have a heart here---if you're referring to the pic of the left front of the engine under a half raised hood, that's closer to a tantalizing glimpse than a pic...

My apologies, of  course, to all (I understand one doesn't always jump into the car for a 200 mile round trip just to satisfy the idle curiosity of some engine nut) if the pic is, in fact, sufficient for someone familiar with Cunt'l 8s to ID it...


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Marc et al: Again. my apologies...

Among my many and varied failings i see I'm still confusing right and left...

On the picture, please try to ignore my carping criticism; I should be, and hereby am, declaring my deep appreciation for people like you, who go out of their way to more broadly publicize finds like this;. Efforts of dedicated people, like you, save a tremendous amount of material from the scrappers and are a tremendous (and often unsung) asset to the field......

Among my other failings, I tend to forget that millions do not have a digital camera and a computer,, to snap pix and transmit around the world...

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