53 Skylark barn find

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I'm into the wiring of the car and the harness is pretty much wrapped around my neck at this point......


Lights are working all around......horn is good.....hydraulic pump hums when I push/pull the convertible top switch......


Does anyone have the wiring diagram for the window switches and the top for the Skylark or the Roadmaster convertible?......I can't find it in the 1952 shop manual or the 53 supplement.



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On 10/31/2017 at 9:59 AM, tom61 said:

When I got my Desoto, it was worst than this car.It was completely rotted inside ,and the whole outside was completely rusted.Big holes around the fenders,also full of rust, and when I got it, it only had the engine in the engine bay. All the electrical was missing.


For 15k, I'd gladly take on this car....If only I had the money....

If you do have interest in having it restored by me, I'd be happy to send some before/after pictures of the Desoto.


Yeah, I know the chrome is in bad shape, but from what I know, chroming is really expensive.

Good chrome is expensive and cheap chrome costs even more when you have to do it the second time. 

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