Oldsmobile 1937 parts wanted

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Hello, I was advised to join this forum to maybe find the parts I am looking for. I am restoring an Oldsmobile Business Coupe 1937 and I am looking for some parts. Very happy if someone has these (or any) parts to sell to get my car complete. I am looking for:


- Hub caps 

- One front wheel center bearing dust cup/cover

- 2 bumper guards

- Emblem below grille

- Vertical front trims 

- Complete ash tray in dashboard passenger side. At least the ash tray knob that's broken. 

- Knob for choke and complete cigarette/cigar lighter for dashboard

- Short trim/molding on cowl between door and hood trim 

- Original radio control unit


Attach photos of some of the parts wanted. 

Many thanks in advance and greetings from Aland Islands (Finland)











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