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Hidden Classic car treasure in Saudi Arabia


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I am the step son of a man in Saudi Arabia who collected classic cars for over 50 years.  There are about 60 cars of various models and years.  Unfortunately my step father has not kept up these cars or kept good records on them.  I also do not know very much about classic cars myself.
I was hoping I could get some input from your forum on these cars which are in Saudi Arabia through the pictures I have taken of them.
Here are 2 sample pics. 
Thanks for your help.

sample I.jpg

sample II.jpg

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Thanks for responses.  I am looking for basic input.  Type of car, model, make, year, ball park value, etc.   My step father was a pure collector not concerned with documentation, resale, etc., just collecting.  He does not have documentation or data on his collection that is helpful. 


Here are three more cars in the collection.

Sample 3.jpg

Sample 4.jpg

Sample 5.jpg

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Very top picture would indeed seem to be a Clement Bayard.  From smooth bulkhead to rad, and small square doors with small hinges, this woulkd seem to be a cca 1913/14 Clement Bayard 10'12.

Lower photo is a indeed Citroen 5HP. Registration XO 1344, if UK, is London County Council  about June 1923. 


Vintman  (UK)

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