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Doc Knoch's Land Speed Hupmobile Needs Headlights

Cord Blomquist

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I'm finishing the restoration of a land speed race car that was run at Bonneville several times in the 1930s. It was owned by Dr. Norbert "Doc" Knoch, a physician from Colorado, who happened to be on hand in 1937 when Ab Jenkins needed shrapnel from a tire blowout pulled from his arm.

The doctor's Hupp was also one of the first landspeed projects of Bill Kenz, who would go on to run the Ford racing team and set several records of his own at Bonneville with his partner Roy Leslie.

I posted a complete history of the Bonneville Hupp, including links to dozens of photos and scans of original documents that accompany the car, at the H.A.M.B. in March which you should check out if you're interested in salt flats history. The car is also featured on the White Glove Collection website including new photos of the car with the upholstery freshly done.

This restoration project was started by my father, Rick Blomquist, who passed away in July of this year. I want to make sure I finish the project with the best result possible and I hope folks on the forum can offer me a bit of advice.

My main concern right now is with headlights. The car never ran with headlights at Bonneville, but we know that Doc Knoch drove the car to Bonneville from his home in Denver, so he presumably had headlights on the car during those long drives.

What headlights would you suggest I mount on the car? In the photo above you can see the chrome brackets mounted to the bumper that at one time were holding Trippe lights, so you can see where we plan to mount headlights. I'm considering Woodlite headlights, as they would be accurate to the period and match the sleek body styling of the car, especially the "salt scoops" behind the front wheels. However, I'm open to other suggestions. Thank you in advance for your input on this incredible project.


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Sorry to hear of your dad's  passing. I would run the round Woodlights also, very correct and a good fit for the car. The larger funky Woodlights wouldn't go well with  you speed car. Cord, send me a PM with your phone and a good time to call, I would like to chat. Thanks, Ed

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