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Amazon Prime Car documentaries, Bugatti, Mercedes Streamliner


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I watched two shows on my Amazon Prime membership last evening and think some of you would enjoy them also. They are both free to watch if you have a Prime membership.



This one covers the rebuilding of Ettore Bugatti's crashed Royale, and goes into the history of the other cars only slightly, but it is a great watch as they depict the four bodies the car was utfitted with and then choose to resurrect it with an original, altered, Packard body just as Ettore fitted on the first attempt. This one has a couple of "really?" moments such as seeing one worker lay down lines of filler immediately cutting to a shot of the project leader stating "it must be 100% correct, it must be perfect."



This one shows how the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center (Germany) built up a Streamliner based on the iconic 540k. Very cool, even with a couple of rather expressionless Germans thrown in for comic relief perhaps.


I found these by looking at the suggested titles so go in and explore a bit and you might find something even better!

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