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In search of a valve cover gasket

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image.thumb.jpeg.aa35c22b02995061f4c6eccdf745aafd.jpegI need to remove and replace the valve cover gasket on my 89 TC 2.2L DOHC, it appears to be leaking and while I have it down for the timing belt, I'd like to take care of all the oil leaks. 

Does anyone have the valve cover gasket available? Local dealership said not available, no correct listing in Rock Auto. Local parts suppliers are no help, no surprise there!, I could also use an intake manifold gasket, but I fear the same situation. 


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Joel Jasinski is the man.  I bought one from him and it was a straightforward installation helped along by his excellent instructions.  Nice product - perfect fit, and included the spark plug o ring gaskets as well.  Best of all - no leaks!  There should be info on this site on how to contact him.  If not, send me a PM and I'll give you his phone number.

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Thanks so much. I'll search the forums for his contact info. 

Im going to give my TC a new timing belt and fix the oil leaks. I'm thinking maybe keep it for a summer driver, after a bit of maintenance of course 

I think it needs a bit of scrutiny before putting it back on the road!

I'm sure I'll be asking a number of questions,....and maybe a comment, on these unique little mopars?

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