Can anyone ID maker of this brass horn?

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Does anybody know the maker of this brass horn? 

And - the needle in the haystack question: does anybody know what make automobile(s) this was used on? 

I cannot find any markings on it such as Rubes or Nonpareil. 

I believe it is for a larger car. Height is 13". Bell is 8.5" x 6.5". 

It was originally painted black over the brass although someone painted more black over the original black. The bezel is nickel-plated over brass and it has a through-the-dash mounting bracket. 

Thank you.









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Definitely NOT Model T Ford.


1909-12 Fords were equipped from the factory with double twist Rubes or Nonpareil horns.


1913-14 and early 1915 were equipped with single twist Rubes or Nonpareil.


The horn in question is slightly larger than the double twist 1909-12 above and substantially larger than the 1913-14 and early 1915 single twist.


Also, the Nonpareils and Rubes described above had brackets attached to the body of the horn, not to the inlet of the horn.


I realize my horn could have been used on many cars - either as original factory equipment or aftermarket.  Would like to know if anyone is familiar with this horn and if it was used as original factory equipment on certain makes and models.  I know that it is a shot in the dark.

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Very difficult to tell what car it might have been on originally, since horns were most often an after-market accessory.


The good news is that it was originally painted.  That means the black paint was baked on in a low temperature oven, and the brass is much less prone to crack due to that inadvertent heat treatment!

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