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There is a bolt that goes into a captured nut,both sides on the front of the adjuster rail under the carpet that goes in at a 45 degree angle. On the back of the rail is a bolt and nut that goes through the floorboards. Get a helper, heavy!!! Can’t remember the rear exactly but I think you push the front lower edge of the rear seat bottom back and it lifts up and out. I think the seat back has a couple fold over tabs to straighten out then it pulls up and out. Fairly easy but need a helper to walk it out of car.

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I need running board trim for my 1940 model 41. Got any?


The front seat comes out pretty easily, and is not super heavy.  I had to remove mine because the grease in the adjustment runners had turned to asphalt and the seat would not go back. Shot some WD40 into the tar and it started to loosen up and I greased it with Vaseline which never turns to tar.

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It might be a long shot for you to find but the good running board trim I have for my car, which is the same as yours, is the hood trim from a 40 century. It’s the same design and length as the running board with one exception. The trim is cutoff flush at the back edge of the hood so I used a hood center strip rear holddown. Look carefully at your pieces and you’ll see what I mean.



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