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Well when you're out gently rubbing carnaube body lotion on everywhere with the 85-90wt gear lube scent crossed with slight essences of gasoline in the background with some good tunes on the radio, and then slowly teasing the wax off with a 100% cotton terry cloth towel folded in fourths, it'd be awkward if it didn't have a female name......

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Reason 1)

With these curves and colors, I’d sound ridiculous calling her “Butch”. “Peggysue” fits her better. 


Reason 2)

Dad said trucks are boys and cars are girls and, well, we didn’t argue with dad. 


Reason 3)

What do you spend lots of $ on? (Women and cars to name 2)


I could go on but it would be repeating what others have already stated. 


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This is not a new subject, and the response shows that there is interest. I'm not going into my whole narrative but, a couple of notes on why and how my cars are named.


With some exceptions, I doubt that any man who says that his cars don't get named, has a women in his life who is as interested in cars as he is. Because if he did, the car would be named as soon as it came into the household. Sometimes a name is chosen even before the purchase is made. As a matter of fact if a man wants his better half to bond with a car, naming it is the most fool proof way that I know to get it done. Helping in choosing a paint color is the other foolproof way of getting your women to bond with the car, but the first is obviously the easiest way. Once named a car seems magically transformed from an inanimate objet to something with a personality. Male or female, the gender is determined by the car's character, but my better half and I do the naming together. Often the name given helps to honor the friend from whom I got the car. Every car has a story and a name can be part of an original car's story, people love it! 


In my world cars are going to get named. I could have chosen to be a part of the process, and enjoy it, or fight a loosing battle. The choice for me was simple.



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In my world the cars are identified by what they are.  If there is only one of that marque in the family it is easy.  If there is more than one, for example Packards, usually the year, or potentially the model.   I have two cars that are the same year, same make, same model, but one a convertible, one not.  


There is no law against guys naming their cars but I will admit I don't get it.  They are not dogs, kids or pets.  They are cars.  Do you name your lawn mower and garden tractor too?

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