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Peterg: you are getting close but now see major differences between Netscape (4.79) and IE (6.0) that were not there before.

For example if I try to look at a poll, in IE it comes up but with Netscape get "The parameter is incorrect." and an otherwise blank screen.

Next Login. Until you get to the POST screen, there is no indication as to whether or not I am logged in. Also with Netscape the post screen comes up "anonymous" whether I have logged in or not. With IE the login is persistant.

Need a box at the top of the page somewhere to show login status, pehaps at the far left of the bar with "Main Index".

Also relating to login: after loggin in I am not returned to the previous page like before, instead must navagate the tree again. Before we would go to post a reply or topic, the edit screen would show that we needed to login, pushing the button would go directly to the login, and on completion it would pop back to the post screen. Can this be done here ?

Next, I have both set to the default colors but the background on the title bars is much darker with Netscape - the blue text is almost invisible (Subject, Poster, etc.)

At 800x600 with IE everything looks good but at 1024x768 on a 17" monitor, fonts are very small. Don't forget that Buick always has big letters on the instruments for the sight impaired.

Right now the edit screen has as much whitespace on the right as edit box.

I know you are trying hard and also know that some things whick look right on your screen just will not work on others. No wonder you are getting so many conflicting comments, it looks different whether at 800x600 or 1028x768 and whether using Netscape or IE.

Right now my personal bete noir is digital signatures and getting IE, Netscape, Outlook, and Outlook Express all to play together with both soft and hard certificates, both DOD and IECA, when the standards such as S/MIME v3 & OCSP are still somewhat in flux and all the reader and card manufacturers each have a little different way of doing things despite the PC/SC standard.

What I am trying to say is that this is the work I hope to leave behind when coming to this board (may have noted that I connect often for short periods mainly to keep from banging my head against the wall when fighting RFCs).

Thank you for all your work and I really understand what you have to do since is what I do 18/7 (How do you tell when a problem is fixed ? When the users stop calling.)

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