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1925 Buick Standard Top Sockets

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Wanted a set of top sockets /bows for my 1925-25 Buick Standard touring.


Larry DiBarry

Chambersburg PA.


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     Start here:

I bought all my top hardware & had my 12 Roadster top made by Kim Dawson in Molalla Oregon. 


I also sourced the top irons from:

John's Enterprises
John Boorinakis
545 Dairy Road
Auburn, CA 95603
Phone 530-885-4956
Fax 530-887-0863.

Top Bows and Top Sockets for Model T Fords, 1909-1927, and others. 


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Thanks Mark:

 I have been contacting John B for over 5 years and he said he could not make me a set. Then he said he would look in his collection of old sockets stored in trailers for a match. I call him every so often to see if he has had any luck yet. Rick Kesselring here in Chambersburg said he could do the bows.

I saw about 10 sets at Hershey but only one was close and still would have to be cut down.


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