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28 minutes ago, Tom BENDER said:

Bob, did you find a shade roller?  I have an original set with brackets-not perfect but cloth good enough for patterns. Tom

Thanks Tom, I used the roller I had and the shades made to it.....right now at the upholsterer and was supposed to be fixed, I'll have to check to see if I still need a replacement or not.

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Hey Tom, I am interested in your shades also for my 1930 DA Victoria, but I think your shades are different in length except for the rear window.  At this time I'm not able to tell you the width of my back windows because I'm away from my car.  I'll see if I can find these widths somewhere on the Internet and reply.  Thanks

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14 minutes ago, dc-8dave said:

Hello John,

                     The picture that Bob posted looks just like the bottom leading edge of the DD-6 shade that I had done. There is a oval piece of wood in that bottom hem, the one on the DD-6 shade was badly bent and twisted so I had to make a new one. That wasn't a very fun time even with the machines that I have. I found a lady in PA that made the tassel with the pom pom, she wasn't cheap but it was really good work!  

David, so Donna in Oregon made this type of tassel? If so, I may have to contact her....the people doing mine don't seem to get it.

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