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Top Pull-Down Motor Replacement Gear

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Hey all. Finally got to take my top pull-down motor assembly apart and I have confirmed it's just the gear that went bad. A couple of the teeth are broken off. Where do you all recommend purchasing one? I'd rather purchase a new one than have to look for an old one at a junkyard and worry about it going bad soon too. I had read on here that some of you all purchased one from GM I believe. Is that just the gear or the whole motor? My motor works fine. So, I just need to find that replacement gear. Hoping to find one as cheap as possible. Any recommendations would really be appreciated! Thanks guys.

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The plastic gear can be ordered through any GM parts department for 5 or 6 dollars.  They should have the plastic gear in a couple of days after being ordered.  I will post the part number when I get home tonight.


If you get the plastic gear out of a junkyard, there is a 50% chance the gear you get will have a crack in it or teeth will be missing.  You can not tell if the gear has a crack until all the old blue grease is removed.  The same plastic gear in the TC can be found in late 80's and early 90's Cadillac's or Lincoln's with pull down motors on the trunk.

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