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Brass Spotlight Help Needed

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Well, I actually don't need help with the spotlight, already restored, but with how to make a running board pole to mount it. I am going to, hopefully, finish up a 1912 Oakland Model 30 Touring and I would like it to have a pole mount running board spotlight. Once again, I have the spotlight and yoke but I really need help and information on making brass pole and bracket to mount it. Has anyone made such a pole and, if so, would you provide me details and instructions on how to make one and, perhaps, let me know where to get the parts? If anyone has made a pattern for the bracket between the pole and the body and/or firewall of a car please let me know. Time is not of the essence as I am recovering from hip replacement surgery (that was fun) but I would like to do this some time next year. If I can make one, I'll probably make another to put on one of my IHC J-30 touring cars. Thank you in advance for any help you may provide. Tom.

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