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I'll give my Reatta some loving this weekend


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Hi folks!

I have a an -88!

1. oil pressure

I did a search on the oil pressure sensor and it came uo with a

few hits - now after reading them I got confused, is there two

oilpressure sensors or just one? My gauge often shows to low PSI

8-14 usually but it's a bit higher according to the shop. after

reading the forum I gathered is easieast to access from downunder

and lying there on your back where do I find the oilfilter, and

the sensor is right next to it. And is the oil under any pressure?

and what tool do I need to use?

2.Reading lights.

The reading light bulb is out on the passenger side anyone know offhand

which bulb i need to buy? Also any special tools required for this change?

3. New stereo! (okay don't scold me for this one)

Okay, places where to put a MP3 capable cdplayer...

the best bet so far has been in the armrest compartment between the seats

it's deep enough and easy enough to make holes for wiring, I want to hide

it albeit the deck and the radio works I need my mp3's. also anyone put

a big bassbox somewhere? I found tips on replacement speakers for the

factory defeault ones.

I'll hook up the old stereo as a line in on the new unit, so I can still

use it :P anyone done anything like it before?

4. seatbelt covers on the door beam.

Okay I understand these decay pretty fast, is there any model

which has similar size of those in the buick line, which might fit

after modification?

Feel free to comment or point me where I can get some info

or tips on any of my pleanned work



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Having just put the 6 x 9s in the doors I am looking at Alpine with MP3


or the for the FM modulator no MP3


Reatta Parts available here

Don't know about the possibility of using the old Reatta radio as a line in for the MP3. confused.gif Also don't believe possible to get a line into the Reatta radio/player that is why I am looking at the FM Modulator (lots of quality lost)

Good luck, would love to hear how you make out.

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Robert(Easy), goood choice on the Alpine unit. Although you will be able to listen to hundreds of songs without changing discs in mp3 format, your sound quality will be very poor comparedto a store bought regular audio cd. It just will not do your new Kappas any justice.

How are the new Kappas working for you anyway? cool.gif

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