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Correct Carburetor - 1937 Dodge Truck


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Does anyone know what the correct carburetor is for a 1937 Dodge Truck. I have a MD-21 but the parts book shows that the carburetor is the same as the MC. ME, RC,RD,RE,LC,LE,LF, and some K and KC  trucks


The parts book shows part number 581395 and says that it is a Carter carburetor. I am trying to find out what Carter carburetor was used. I have seen references to CTC1-CTC2-CTH1-CTH2-439S from various sites on the internet.


Can anyone shed some light on this?


Thank you. 

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My Carter sales and service manual dated 1941 says for 1937-38

carb # CTH1-CTH2 fit models T30-T38-T40  sup. by 439S

            ETJ1-ETJ2   fit models  T41-T42

On Trucks where crankcase is vented through carburetor  use CTJ1 for T30-T38-T40 and ETL1 for T41-T42


I have a 1937 MD-15 built Feb 1937 and it has the CTH1










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The reason there are so many models listed is because Carter was trying to build a cheap carburetor that actually functioned for the customers that wanted cheap! Carter made anywhere from 2 to 6 models of the BBR carbs for both Plymouth and Dodge Trucks each year from 1933 through 1938. None of which worked well.


Carter finally succeeded (to a degree) in 1939 with the 439s mentioned above by Matt. It worked somewhat better than the 1933~1938 models, but was still inferior to the mid-grade single-barrel W-1 used by Chevrolet (as Plymouth proved in 1947). ;)


Carter actually printed a diagnostics guide for the BBR series carbs. I have posted the link on this forum elsewhere previously. It is the only Carter model Carter felt needed this guide.



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