George Albright

1935 Lincoln V 12 Model K front and rear axles,steering column. Timken axles. Use on Linclon,Duesenberg repro frame,large period speedster,etc. Cheap! See photos

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Please share with your Lincoln Model K friends: Parts just removed last week locally from a rare 1935 Lincoln Model K limo that is being rodded by using the original frame but not the original running gear.(RODDER IS NOT ME!) Engine and trans went to the Garlits Museum Friday. I acquired these items from the rodder. Sorry no other parts. I believe these parts will fit Model K Lincolns from 1932-39.Front and rear axle. Rear axle has Timken stamped on it. Has boosted mechanic brakes with finned drums! Super cool. One original wire rim. Includes all 4 springs and all but two of pieces that bolt springs to the frame. The missing two are the front two that are an integral part of the saved frame. Includes torque tube and the struts that go from the torque tube to either side of the frame to create stiffness. All are excellent. $1,200 firm for the two axles, wheel, all springs,and torque tube and side struts. These axles will also fit on a repro Duesenberg frame. In 2006 I bought the Dee Howard Duesenberg parts collection. I received a repro frame that was rolling on this same type set of Lincoln K front and rear axles and springs. Rare stuff cheap!! Torque tube housing is 65 inches long. Front springs are 2 1/4 inches wide. Rear springs are 2 1/2 inches wide. (Duesenberg springs are 2 1/2 inches wide.) Measurement from center to center of the springs perches on the axles: Front axle: 26 3/4 inches. Rear axle: approx. 39 inches. Length of springs pulling a tape along the outside curve. Front springs approx. 42 inches long. Rear springs approx. 64 inches long.


Also for sale is the complete K steering column. Removed also last week. Missing key that goes to the lock. Maybe a Gemmer column but not sure. Not Ross column. Great for a boat or speedster project needing a large column. Includes steering wheel. Cracked but usable. $290 firm. Will stored till picked up. George Albright,Ocala,Fla.  cell weekdays 10-4 EST please 352 843 1624  email




















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That is why I don't like hot rodders. They have no respect for history. I suppose that this will end up with monstrous wheels that look out of place and sitting on the ground with an air bag system or more likely end up as scrap metal, because the builder attempted a project that was beyond his skills.

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Always sad to see what the hot rod industry does to classic vehicles making them literally pile of scrap metal in time as no one wants the results of misguided egos totally mis-engineered beyond reality!   

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The fact is that this car was for sale and no restorer bought it.  Any of us “purists” could have bought it, sunk a small fortune into it, and ended up with a car worth less than its restoration cost.  I’ve come to believe that hot rodding is driven by simple economics.

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