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2018 and 2019 National Woodie Club Meets


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Fellow members:


Immediately following the conclusion of the very successful first ever National Woodie Club show the NWC Board of Directors and officers met to consider the meet and future meets.


I am pleased to announce that the Board has approved the Second Annual National Woodie Club meet.  It will take place in conjunction with Wavecrest, thanks to the generosity of spirit of the sponsor of that event, San Diego Woodies.  


Details of this coming meet will be forthcoming over the next few months as they are developed.  However, Wavecrest and our NWC meet will be held in Encinitas, California the weekend of Thursday, September 20 to Sunday, September 23, 2018.  


The board has also approved holding of a third annual meet.  This will be held within the Eastern Region in 2019 at a place and at a time to be designated.  It's almost two years away, but, we plan to give sufficient notice so that all may arrange to get their cars there.


Bill Sampson

National Woodie Club President

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