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1913 cylinder head problem

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I am new to this section of the forum but am after some help.


I am the guardian of a 1912 but 1913 model year car which belonged to my father who passed away a few years ago. On starting the car at the weekend I managed to blow out one of the caps in the cylinder head holding the spark plug. It was terrifying and with the hood open the 1lb chunk of metal flew into the air and didnt come down for several seconds, Smashing back into the front wing!


Ok, I remember about twenty years ago the same thing happened. I have also found brand new replacement caps in the pile of spares. On top of that a specially made tap to cut the threads into the head. So when it happened last time, dad obviously got the ammunition together to fix it a few times. However I cant remember what was involved in fixing it!! I dont know if the head came off, if there was a crack, or what the frequency of this type of issue is?


The cap could have become unscrewed, the head could have a crack and opened up.....So my question is, does anyone have any experience of this problem, and why it happens, and the best way for me to tackle it?


Any help appreciated



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This is a common problem with the 4-cylinder Cadillac. There are various cures. Do a search for the Early Cadillac Yahoo Group and join up. Pose your problem there in the discussion forum and you'll get the advice you want. The ECG is a great site for pre-1915 Cadillac 1 & 4 cylinder enthusiasts.

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Easy fix, the ECG has a tap that is slightly oversized that they loan out to members, spin up a new plug on a lathe and your all set. I would of them all. Caution, the heads often crack from old age. New heads were made recently, its worth the investment to buy four new heads, trust me. Ed

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