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1978 Mercury Marquis battery


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I intend to enter my Senior 1978 Mercury Marquis in the 2018 Grand National show.


Would this battery trigger any deductions?


I couldn't capture the sides in my photos, but it's all black.


If this might not be acceptable, what is?  I'm happy to support a Hershey vendor this weekend!


Thanks in advance,








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If I were judging the engine compartment of your car and looking at the battery, here are the questions I would have on the battery:


1.  Your car battery is in the transition period between in batteries with 6 individual caps and caps covering mutiple fill holes.  Your shoud determine which is correct and document it.

2.  The battery hold down appears to be an aftermarket piece.  You should document it is correct.

3.  The battery hold down "J" bolts appear long and may have come with the aftermarket hold down.


I'm not saying any of these items would be a deduction, just that these are the quitions I would have to answer in judging your car and as a judge I could ask for documentation on any ofthese issues.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you 61polara!


I'll beef up my documentation on the hold down as it is correct, even down to the little metal bracket that connects the hold-down to the core support, but paper beats words!


I'll see what I can find on the bolts.


Hopefully somebody here can chime in on the battery caps as my research on 1) what's original and 2) what's acceptable has been inconclusive so far and I don't think "inconclusive" cuts it at the Grand National level!


Thanks again!

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I didn't  get any deductions underhood for my Junior.  I didn't get the sheet for my Senior.


I find the language pertaining to batteries in the Judges Guidebook to be a little vague.  I think I'm within the criteria but hoped some folks with real work experience or credentials would chime in, especially at the Grand National level.



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FWIW my 1979 F250 came with the exact same battery hold down. Could be common aftermarket, but same maker and similar vintage so worth looking into at least. That's new enough someone should know. My truck is a farm truck so I wasn't too worried about original condition at this point.

Do you have the technical service manual for the car? Or owners manual? Both might show an off illustration of the battery and if it matched the picture I would think that would count as factory documentation so far as period style goes. 

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My eyes aren't so good, but here is a November 1978 Motor Trend period piece comparing the '78 to '79. It's too grainy to make out here, but if you can find a better copy it might point you in the right direction. I do notice the battery hold down look similar, but I don't seen any chrome bolts sticking high up. Obviously this isn't factory documentation, but it's likely to be in the right direction of getting it correct.


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Going from memory of a 1976 Ford that I owned, I would say that the battery hold down bracket is correct, including the small angle bracket. I am not sure about the bolts. They do look a little bit long. I don't think that they should be chrome. I think they would have been plain steel. 


I found a photo of the 1976 Ford that I owned. The battery hold down bracket appeared to be original and on it, the rear bolt looks the same length as yours, but the front one looks a little bit shorter. I have no idea about the battery. I am sure that the battery in my 1976 Ford was not original, so it does not answer your battery question.


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