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Buick sign 1910-1920s

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I am sorry, but the sign looks like a repro/lookalike to me. May be made in 1970's, 80's or 90's, but not in beginning of 1900's.


Let me list some issues that made me suspicious:

1) signs used by dealers or garages tend to follows the factory graphics standards, this does not

2) the general design & appearance, especially the proportions of the sculpted car figure (looks like drawn by someone who do not know cars - compare to Chinese toys)

3) why would a dealership or garage mention a specific model/style car in the business sign? - that was not the practice in business signs


If you like it and can get it at reasonable price, go ahead.

BUT if the seller offers it as authentic piece of history at collector price, leave it.


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I have seen a lot of photos and photos of signs regarding Buick in 50+ years, but, this looks to me to have been created solely from someone's imagination.  One thing that tinsled did not mention was the condition of the paint.  If this piece was truly approaching 100 years old, the paint would definitely not be in this good of condition with all things considered.  Offered as my humble opinion.


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas

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I found this great forum while i was looking more details about this sign

i purchase it recently, "as is" unrestored... what sould thing about that? someone told me that this was a dealers item back at 20's..

i found it in Greece... and it was a must have :-)

how much you think this worth?

Thanks in advance



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