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Front Bumper Rattles

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The front bumper rattles (and vibrates) when car is idling.  This is a problem I had twice on my TC: 


- About 10 years ago, this happened and the mechanic replaced the two front absorber assemblies/mounts w/OEM parts.  Problem was resolved then. 

- Now, years later, the problem is back (right side of front bumper rattles and appears slightly loose again).


It appears the bumper is loose at the exterior connection to the right absorber by observing through the gap above the headlight (while hood is open).  Is there a reason this would loosen or is this a systemic problem with the TC front bumper?


Is there a good solution to this problem?  Is the TC bumper too heavy for the front OEM absorbers/mounts?  Are the absorbers prone to failure or loosening?


Thanks in advance to any insight to this re-occurring issue...



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