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1932 Olds ADJUSTABLE lever shocks for sale


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I have a complete set of 4 lever shocks from a 1932 Olds (2 front, 2 rear) - I don't know which model. These are very similar to those used on a Franklin or other cars of that quality and era - they are hydraulic - looks like they have two horizontal opposed pistons - mount to the frame of the car.

What's really cool about these is that they have a smaller lever coming out of each one that allows you to adjust the stiffness - from the driver's seat! I assume there was some control inside that had rods going out to the 4 corners...

I was going to use these on a Franklin racer project but I sold that to help pay for something else. I have no use for these now, but they are an extremely neat item for someone else's project.

All 4 are free moving (main lever and adjusting lever), but they do leak - I believe all 4 leak hydraulic oil out of the shaft for the little adjuster - probably just needs that little seal replaced because when you move them back and forth, they have alot of resistance and you can feel the amount of resistance change as you play with the adjusters - so they work. They also include the link arms that connect to the axle.

Please call or write if interested - I will be away for Labor Day but can reply to you during that time if you post on this site. I can also deliver to Hershey. Price is negotiable and very reasonable. Thanks! - Chuck :-)

(410) 620-5248 eve

(302) 282-6609 day


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