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Coachbuilders body tags FOR TRADE ONLY at Hershey

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I collect  coachwork body builders tags/emblems and have these duplicates. I would like to trade only  for ones I do not have.

I will bring these to Hershey. I am in spaces RNG 10-11, Red Field NE corner.



Walt Gosden



body badges.jpg

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D.L. Auld of Columbus, Ohio made about 90% of all the car badges, emblems etc for the pre war cars, including many of the coachbuilders badges - including ones for Brunn Body Co.

They did a lot for Packard in the 1929-31 era .

It will be great to see you Tom



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I have seen a few 80's cars that were made into to convertibles by American Sunroof Corp. with their adhesive stickers on the door like that.


Perhaps the only coachbuilder, not counting the familiar Italian ones who still put their names on the exterior would be Karmann Coachworks in Germany who placed their badges on VW convertibles for several years.



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