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'38 Special....Transmission Removal

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Hi Tyler

I have a '37 Special but here is how I did it:


1.  Drain fluid

2.  Remove speedometer connection

3.  Place floor jack under transmission

4.  Remove the bolt (that goes through the rubber mount) from the chassis crossmember support

5.  Remove the six  1/2" flange bolts

6.  Slowly release your floor jack and lower transmission.






Supported and draining.




Remove speedo




Floor jack in position




Remove the support bolt through the rubber mount




Remove all six flange bolts 




Transmission cover is removed from the interior.




lower it down and that's it!


I don't know if the '37 and '38 are the same, but that's the steps I took.



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The '39 is entirely different.  The u-joint on a '39 Special is at the x-member and there is a short shaft (jack-shaft) from there to the spline on the back of the transmission.  There is no transmission mount to disconnect when the engine is out.  What you have to be super-duper careful about is moving the torque ball mounts or removing the torque ball.  The shop manual stresses that if you do that, you have to be exquisite with your alignment when you reinstall or you'll end up with drive-line vibration that'll drive you crazy.  (Been there and done that) So get the 1939 supplement shop manual to the 1938 manual and follow it closely.  1939 Special and Century are the only cars Buick produced before WWII with this setup. 

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