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1914 Locomobile spark plugs

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A T-head Locomobile? There may not be any modern plugs that are really hot enough. They will probably have a 7/8 diameter thread... it is an odd size, something like 7/8-18 where National Fine is 7/8-14. The best solution is to go for original plugs, NOS if you can find them but there are lots of good used plugs though finding 12 matching might be a stretch. The salient factors are the the reach and the length of the exposed electrode. The longer the electrode, the hotter the plug. It would be good to find one that was originally sold for the car... either to try to find more or to try to match the characteristics as well as possible.


The later Locos, from the 20s, had Continental engines. I doubt they will have the same characteristics, especially the extremely low compression and huge "less than scientifically designed" combustion chamber. I wouldn't rule out a marine application. Finding out what Wisconsin T-head marine engines used might put you on the right track.

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