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I wanted to inquire about the proper jacking points under the 1940 special


and also if it is safe to put the car on a modern lift as I will need to bring the car in for a safety inspection at some point


when these were made garages usually had pits or the type of lift that the car rolled on that rose them up from the wheels


modern lifts have 4 movable arms the service man puts into positions under the car he feels is good


given most service men have never lifted one of these cars I want to make sure it is safe and the car wont break


and what would be the proper places for him to put the 4 arms of the lift




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Anywhere on the frame should be sufficient. It's more than strong enough to handle being lifted. Just be sure it's on the major sections of the frame itself, not the running boards or body mounts. It'll be pretty hard for him to screw it up if he looks under the car. Uni-body cars are much more challenging to find a solid place for lifting.

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