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Pierce Arrow sighting

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My son, who works for an auto graphics firm in London,Ontario,was surprised to see this Pierce Arrow sitting in the driveway of the neighbouring BMW dealer. Seems it was temporarily removed from it's transport to facilitate loading a BMW.Both cars were heading to an international collector apparently. He didn't know from whence it came or where it was headed. Anyone familiar with it ? (I'm guessing 1936 -1937).

1936 Pierce Arrow 1.jpg

1936 Pierce Arrow 2.jpg

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I knew the brother of a family living in London, Ontario who's last name was Evoy and while I can't say 100% that this was his car, I can say from others who visited his collection that he indeed had a Pierce.

Sadly the man passed some time ago and the wife liquidated some of the collection so possibly it stayed in the area till now?

It is such a beautiful and distinctive car not often seen!

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13 hours ago, alsancle said:

Ed will say exactly but I think  35.


Yes, a 1935 845, I owned one like this a while back, one of three remaining if My memory serves me. Nice car! Here is a photo of my car just after it was sold in 2008.


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