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1925 Oil leak from flywheel housing???

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Hi Guys,

Well the Maxwell is going well, starts good now, last drive I did I noticed when I got back a bit more oil dripping than usual, did about 20kms, so presumed just nice a warm.

Today I started it up and as I reversed back I could already see a line of dripping oil, stop took a look and it's coming from the drain hole from the Flywheel?

Thought I might just have leaked in there since the last drive so took it for a 10 min spin and got home, still dripping.


What's your thoughts?  The 20mk trip is the longest I've done since owning it!







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First you must find out if the oil is from the engine or the transmission. Some old time transmission  carries a cork oil seal on the input shaft which leaks into the bell housing.  If it is engine oil, I do not know what type of engine you have, If it is a Continental check the rear main seal. On some of those engines it is possible to tighten up the lower half of the seal cap. But check first the breather is clear. 

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