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Visit Westerly-Pawcatuck Region at Hershey !

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Our club, the Westerly-Pawcatuck Region AACA has been going to Hershey for decades. This year we will be in our regular spot behind the stadium as usual.

I tried to convince  the guys to give me photos of some of the items they will be selling. I am still waiting for most of them.


Have a little fun and stop by our For Sale at Hershey page to see our flea market treasures and to meet the guys. We enjoy talking with fellow AACA members and

we may even have that elusive part you are looking for.

And if you want to see what Hershey looked like last year check out our gallery of over 300 photos .595fa99b4776e_BrassyBob.jpg.f86ddcab135d829de1800c6f0984d709.jpg

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23 hours ago, Terry Bond said:

If you have any old spark plugs for sale let me know and hang on until I get there.


Terry ... I will check with the guys to see if they have any spark plugs of the ancient variety. You never know!

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15 hours ago, Dynaflash8 said:

Do you have a 1941 Buick Roadmaster sedan, or is that just a picture?  Do you have any stuff for one of those cars laying around in your garage?


I own a 1941 Buick Roadmaster Touring Sedan (model 71). I often refer to it as "The Beast".


I will be bringing a few parts from that car:  pair of rear shocks (I put NOS ones on the car after removing these) that would need a rebuild, master cylinder (it leaks but appears to have free movement ... requires rebuild), and whatever else I can find that I will not use. I also have a radiator fan but I think it is for the Special series, not Roadmaster. Finally I may make a CD of files and documents relating to the 1941 Buick. 


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2 hours ago, Dynaflash8 said:

Okay. What is your space number?  Looks like your car is two tone.  Wish the one I'm going to see today was two-tone green, but it is black.

Dynaflsh8 ..... This link  ... http://www.wpraaca.com/hershey-bargains.html  .... will bring you to our Hershey page. All of our space information is at the top of the page. The little bit of stuff I have decided to bring is pictured at the bottom of the page. I may find a few more items between now and then.


My car is a two-tone but if you decode the data plate it left the factory as black. Someone, way back I suspect, did a repaint. I agree with you, I like the two-tone better. There were quite a few paint options in 1941.

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37 minutes ago, Dynaflash8 said:

I like it better if it is an authentic pair of colors.............in fact I like it much better.

The fact that you are still so involved and interested at 79 says a lot. It's great to get up with

a list of things to do and then actually do them. 


Paint can be a difficult road to travel due to the costs and all the environmental

restrictions. Some people take totally unorthodox paths. I have one friend who did the entire

paint job on his 1937 Plymouth rumble seat coupe by using rattle cans. It looks wonderful!

He is an artist. Another friend needed to do a partial repaint on his Chevy Confederate. He

already had the paint left over from the first professional job he paid for. He went out and

bought all the equipment he needed, read up and watched videos, and then performed his

first paint job ever. Another great job. (photos attached)


Good luck on your search!

Plymouth 10.JPG

painting doors21.JPG

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I hear you.  I just don't want to take the chance doing this stuff myself.  I'm an asthmatic and I've had recent serious surgery.  Besides, if I haven't learned by now, I don't have time enough to learn.  I never could afford $70 to $135 an hour paint jobs, so I got regular body men and painters to do it on the side.  But, now, they're all gone, mentally, physically or permanently.  Younger guys just don't seem to need any extra money.  I have made a firm commitment  to my wife and myself, I'll never do another all over paint job, if I ever get the car in process back.  So, I am being extremely careful about any car I buy.  I go see them now, and I can't afford to keep doing that.  I also try never to fly ever again, but I broke that promise last February on a wild goose chase.  I'd like to fly out to Minnesota to visit Dave Tachney, and I may do that yet even over my inhibition to flying anymore. 

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