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Merv Adkins' lost treasure

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In 2001 I was living in Lost Wages, NV.  In the spring I went down to see my grown kids in the LA area,. On the way back I stopped to see Merv Adkins in the Pomona area to buy some parts I needed.  While there, I took a few shots of his yard beside his work shop.  Here is what his “yard” looked like back then.  He had stacks and stacks of doors, hoods, deck lids, all manner of Zephyr parts all leaning up against the side fences. Cars as far as I could see.  Several years later Merv decided to divide the property and most of what you see in the photos had to be disposed of.  A lot of it went to scrape.

Merv 1.jpg

Merv 2001.jpg

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