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I decided to get my water pump rebuilt by Flying Dutchman as they had many good reviews and recommendations


It should be arriving today and I will put it in the minute it arrives and let everyone know how it turned out



I wanted to ask a quick question


The thermostat in the 1940 Buick Special was toast so I bought an identical generic one locally


it is a GATES 33508 Thermostat 180 degree


as it looks identical will it be ok to use?





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I just finished putting the water pump in ,  it took appx an hour and 15 minutes to do the job , it was a bit harder to do than taking it out as I had to hold it in place with one hand while trying to line up the gasket and bolts so it took a while


After it was done I started her up and no more whining or clangity clang clang noise from the motor , what a relief!   I'll do a few more test drives up and down the driveway tomorrow


The next step is changing the trans and rear end fluids then finding and putting on an exhaust system


After that is done she should be ready to drive on the road




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I drove the car the last few days up and down the driveway and seems to be ok


Hand brake freed up during test which I was happy about but need to adjust


gears and clutch seemed good and foot brakes as well as the hand brake stopped the car


car needs to be driven on the road for a proper test as I have a short driveway so was moving quite slowly


will try to get exhaust system soon as well as tires so I can finish it up and make the car my daily driver




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