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'67 or '68 Electra?


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This seller states this 225 is a '67.

Appears as a '68 to me what with the plastic dash, crate grill and "interrupted" rear bumper line.

Any guess? Thanks




UDPDATE: The seller corrected the year. One nice ride!






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17 minutes ago, EmTee said:

This looks like a '68 to me...


Is there ANY way an early '68 model got registered/titled as a '67?


Sure is one sweet '68. Fabric seats are gorgeous.


I prefer a '67, however. Not a fan of the mostly plastic dashes.

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If the car is priced realistically and is as good

as it appears, go for it!  It's amazing how compartmentalized

we car fans are:  The typical 1968 Buick collected is a

Skylark or a Riviera, and just about every other of the 

many models and body styles Buick produced is overlooked.


Add a nice '68 Electra to the next Buick meet and there will be

something new to talk about!

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One reason I favor a Buick Club meet is because you can find a smattering of just about everything Buick produced there.  This year in Brookfield the number of Electra's and large cars was remarkable.  I think there's a lot more collected, in terms of the various models, than people realize.

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The most obvious change was side marker lights appeared on 68 models.  You can't see a 67 from the side at night.  Also, I remember the thumb knobs for heat and cool adjustment on the 68's vs the traditional slide levers on 67's.  Another obvious change not in this picture, 1968 was the first year the sholder harness (as a separate belt) was standard.  Very few were installed as options on 67's

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If I remember, the shoulder harnesses on '68 were optional on cars built prior to 1/1/68 but became mandatory after that.  It would be rare to see a '67 with shoulder belts.


The side marker lights on a '68 were about 3 inches long and 2 inched high.  The '69 model change for that was they went to about 3 inches long and about 1 inch tall.

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