1988 Puma MG TF

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Anyone out there have any knowledge of the 1988 Puma MG TF? It is a kit car made in Brazil, but even on the Puma Club websites I cannot find references to the MG TF Puma. We are working on restoring one for a client and it seems to me this is a rare car, albeit a kit car. Would love to know if anyone else has seen one. 


Joanne Pistorius


Winograd Puma.jpg

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I think I might have a sales flyer for it somewhere.


I have heard of them but never seen one.

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Per the client, this is what we know:

1. 1988 Puma Avallone, VIN 9AMCA641XM198801. We believe the "198801" indicates that it may have been the first built in 1988. Built by Carlos Avallone (F1 Racer) in Brazil, not a "kit car", custom built to the specs of his customers to look like an MGTF-1500 (although it is one foot longer and one foot wider, and doors open standard way).

2. Purchased in 2005 by our client, from a NASA engineer in Muscle Shoals (Huntsville), Alabama.

3. Heavy Fiberglass body,  . 1988 Chevette motor & chassis. Engine code VO721CYB indicates V (flint Michigan), 07 (July) 21 (21st day), but we are not sure of what the CYB engine suffix code indicates. CYB was used in both 1976 (60hp) and 1978 (63hp) as 1.6L. CYB was also used in 1982 as a 1.8L in Chevy Cavalier (88hp, 112 cid) 4 cylinder overhead cam, breather on right, intake on left. Mexican peso stamped on valve cover. Aluminum head. Exhaust manifold GMA 459982N. Ford carburetor.


We are wondering if there are any others like it, and of course how to value it.

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