Shawn Miller

Schacht high wheeler found info needed

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A friend of mine in Livonia NY has 2 of them. I think he would be glad to sell them. His name is Ron Vandermied  Livonia NY  .

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I am not touching it for now although it would be great to see it run the engine turns over and has compression


the story of its life is that it has been in a barn for most of it. Given its condition I would assume it was set aside within 5 years of its construction.  I bought it from a guy who inherited it from a friend who bought it from a family member who allegedly was at least an early owner if not the original owner. It supposedly was driven around its town square sometime shortly after WWII, but I have a feeling it was prior to WWII.


its been in better storage for the last 30 years or so

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Thanks Shawn, I keep comming back to look at the picture.. I use to have a 1903 Northern tiller steering and in the near past I had a rolling chassis of another tiler steering car but I can't remember the name right now. I'm experienceing loss of memory more often in my old age.



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